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2015 Filly

Iron I Artrageous


First Premium Premier


Site Champion at

AWR Inspection


Congratulations Heidi

on your purchase of this

2015 Indian Artbeat filly

owned by Diane Sibley.

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Gelding born 4/22/14

Iron I an Artist

AWR (also eligible for AQHA)

Premium Premier and

Site Champion at

AWR Inspection

Overall: 9

Type 9 ~ Frame 9

Conformation 9  ~ Movement 9


AWR said he will be one of the highest scored horses in the nation
for both adults and foals this year.

This gelding is for sale.

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Colt born 4/1/13

Congratulations CK!

Waps Masquerade/

Indian Artbeat 2013 colt

Its a boy!  Born April 1st.

We are tickled!

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Colt born 4/8/12


UPDATED: 8/16/15

I just got home from the Region One AQHA show in Monroe, WA this weekend, where we competed in the Rookie Am HUS and Level 1 Am HUS. Even with NASCAR races going on right on the other side of the arena, Trouble was as quiet as can be. My trainer likes to joke that his name is pretty ironic and I should rename him to Coffee Break or Cadillac LOL. Out of 13 in the Rookie, we tied for 1st and ended up 2nd after the tie breaker judge and in the Level 1 out of 14, we tied for 4th and ended up 5th under the tie breaker judge, which means we are qualified for the 2016 Novice Championship West in Las Vegas!!! He turned quite a few heads at the show when we were out riding around. I sure love my Artbeat baby! Here is a picture after the class with our prizes. Thanks, M

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OEW Bay Colt born 5/20/12

This is OEW Pride’s colt, “Indy”.

His color is bay.

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OEW Brown Colt born 4/24/12

This is OEW Sophie’s (Free as the Wind)

colt, Imperial Art aka “Iram”, born 4-24.

He is an American Warmblood.

His color is brown.

UPDATED: 1/15/13

Updated photo (top) added.

UPDATED: 1/9/13

Updated photos added.

(second & third rows)

UPDATED: 6/19/12

Updated photo added. (bottom right)


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OEW Filly born 5/25

Bay Filly born 5-25-11.

Her dam is Plain Proud.

UPDATED: 11/15/11

Updated photo added. (right)

SOLD! 5/22/12

Congratulations Kirstin on your
 purchase of ISIS!

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Paint Colt born 4/27/11

UPDATED: 5/31/11

New photo added (top)

“At 3 days old. Look at those legs!”

Congratulations K!

“I bought my mare while she was in foal to Indian Artbeat colt   She was for sale on you website last fall. Well the big moment finally arrived last night 4-27 at 12:30.Here are a few pics of our healthy new colt.  Just got back from the equine center and he is GORGEOUS!!!!! He is huge and his legs are so long!”

Thanks.  K

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UPDATED: 10/28/10

New photos added (top row)

Foal name:  Ivahart

AWR Scores* are:

Overall Impression

7.2 First Premium

Type 7.5 ~ Frame 7.2 ~ Movement 7.2

Judges comments

Good sport horse type. Neck well set on of correct length, croup correct length, correct alignment of stifle to elbow, good room in elbow, leggy and well proportioned, canter and trot hunter like with good strong even rhythm..

SOLD! 12/9/10

Congratulations Meg on your purchase of Ivahart!

She will be eventually

training him to be a hunter.

Our Westphalian mare,

Eagles Wings (Velvet), foaled a colt

on 5-13-10 at 10:00pm.

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UPDATED: 9/2013

New photo added (top row)

UPDATED: 10/28/10

New photos added (top row)

Foal name:  Irish Ike

AWR Scores* are:

Overall Impression

7.2 First Premium

Type 7.5 ~ Frame 7.5

Judges comments

Handsome sport horse colt, correct length and onset of shoulders, neck correct length and well set on, leggy colt with correct proportions , good alignment of stifle to elbows , steps well in to center of gravity at walk , trot has suspension, has rhythm in his canter.

UPDATED: 5/26/10

New photos added (top)

SOLD! 1/30/11

Congratulations to Kevin of SC

on your purchase of Ike!

Our mare, Irish Lace (Little Irish),

foaled out a huge black colt

on 5-3-10.

His barn name is “Ike”.

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IRS in the Black

AQHA and AWR Filly

Genetically tested EEaa

Homozygous Black

Mature over 17H

AQHA IF, International Hunter Futurity, IL and Wisc Futurities

AWR Scores* are:

Overall Impression 7.5

Type 7.8 ~ Frame 7.5 ~ Movement 7.8

Judges comments

Lovely sport horse filly, neck correct set and length, clear withers, freedom in  elbows, correct slope and length of shoulder, leggy filly , travels correctly at walk, good overstep at trot and canter correct with suspension and hunter extensions.

Updated:  1/20/14


Updated:  10/23/09

See video on For Sale page.

Our mare, Maid to Order,

foaled a black filly on 6/1/09.

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Isadorable AWR Score*

Overall Score: First Premium 7.1

7.5 for Type ~7 for Frame

Feminine Sporthorse filly correct set of neck and good length, freedom of elbows, leggy filly, good canter walk correct.

SOLD to Italy! 4/10/09

Our mare, A Rizen Talent, foaled a brown filly “Izzie”on 4/25/08.

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Ima Lady AWR Score

Overall Score: First Premium 7.2

7.5 for Type ~7.2 for Frame

Feminine Sporthorse filly correct set of neck and good length, freedom of elbows, leggy filly, good canter walk correct.

SOLD! 3/4/09

Our mare, Lady Shenanigans, foaled a brown filly named “Ellie” on 4/15/08.

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Updated:  12/29/13

Vinny is SOLD!

Also visit  Foal Updates

for past updates & videos.

Updated:  9/23/10

See Foal Updates for

an updated comments & video link.

“I  purchased "Vinny" Artcha Invitin Me from KA about 3 weeks ago and I just love him!!! He’s a little shy of 15.3 at the withers and super close to 16.1 at the hip as a yearling! There are many people at my barn who just die when they see him. He has a great layed back temperament and has a long attention span for a baby. In the 3 weeks I’ve had him, I work with him 4 times a week. He already knows showmanship pivots and all. You  have a great stallion. We are planning on showing at the Quarter Horse Congress 2010 in the 2 year old event.”  Thanks, KK

His previous owner sent this picture and wrote,“I  think you'd really like this guy, he has tons of suspension, and is really slow legged.  I haven't seen many HUS horses with such a pretty lope.” KA

Sire is Indian Artbeat and

by the Mare Timely Invitation

(By Dee Invitation, by Invitation Only).

He was born 4-18-08, so he is now

6 1/2 months old. Stands 14.1 1/2 in front and almost 14.3 behind, so he's gonna be big! He is a deep bay (almost black)

with no markings.

His registration with AQHA is still pending but his name should be

"Artcha Invitin Me".

He has a fantastic personality, easy to handle, loves attention, and is very laid back. He has big beautiful gaits,

he just floats when he moves.

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