He has the most TRAINABLE and KIND temperament

of any horse of the over 500 that I have trained in my 35+ years as a professional.  He willingly does whatever you ask.  His temperament is not a fluke as His sire Indian Artifacts’ foals are known for their ease in training and His Dam is a very kind mare that is also a gentle giant.

He has demonstrated he can excel in AQHA shows

Even with a handicap.  He was born premature due to a uterine infection and his dam stepped on him at 2 days.  This vet verifiable accident permanently deformed his right hind leg.  Even with this he has stayed sound without vet help and has accomplished much.

He truly is a Versatile Stallion!

Indian Artbeat an honest 17.2H

He comes by his height honestly as his dam is 17.1H and his sire is 17.2H

A few highlights ... Indian Artbeat’s excellent shoulder to arm angle is greater then 90 degrees, long forearm and arm, well defined wither going well into his back (enabling his shoulder blade to slide back and his front leg to extend forward), strong loin, excellent angle to his hip and hind leg for strong engagement. Uphill build, clean neck and throatlatch with correct length top line vs. bottom line of his neck and main body. Excellent bone and feet with good heals.

Tested EVA negative and annually vaccinated.

No possible exposure to CEM; thus CEM free.

(CEM is a venereal disease in horses causing abortion and infertility. So far CEM has affected 2 QH stallions in KY

and through their semen has spread throughout the US. The US has been CEM free for the past 35 years.)

All mares bred on the farm were in foal on first normal cycle!

All shipped semen was excellent as commented on by the vets!   

His first foals will arrive in spring of 08!


 Out of TB Crescendo Lady –

Dam of SR Crescendo (by Swoon N Red) 4th in Nation in HUS , Superior in open HUS, Amateur ROM,   AQHA World Show Qualifier in HUS for 4 years past , earner of 169 pts and still showing. He is  4th in the nation in SR Working Hunter in 07.

By World Champion - Indian Artifacts

Sire of Multiple World and National Champions and Reserve World Champions in Multiple Breeds.   Sire of Multiple AQHA Superiors, AQHA World Top 5’s and 10’s, & National YE top 5’s and 10’s.  His get compete and win in HUS, LL, driving, Equitation, Showmanship, Trail, Dressage, Hunter Breeding and Over Fences.

A close inspection of his pedigree identifies Artbeat’s sire is a result of extremely athletic and proven performers in Grand Prix jumping, working hunter, three day eventing, and on the flat in AQHA performance and Thoroughbred venues. They include: Turn-To, Marshua, Turn to Mars, Royal Charge, Nearco, Nashrulla, Heliopolis, Hyperion, Man OWar, WarAdmiral, War Relic, and Bull Dog. Artbeat’s grandsire Artful Move is known for siring horses that have jumping ability with great style and are extremely stylish on the flat.  Indian Artifacts has passed this athleticism on to his son Indian Artbeat.

He is tested to be Homozygous to the black bay Gene- he can’t sire a sorrel

INDIAN ARTBEAT offers several markets for his foals.

INDIAN ARTBEAT is also a registered in the American Warmblood Registry.  This tough to enter Association of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses recognized his wonderful temperament, excellent Hunter movement and natural classical hunter form over fences.  Now in his Dressage training he is showing excellent movement and talent in this new discipline.  HE is TRULY VERSATILE!

Being Double Registered in AWR results in several markets for Indian Artbeat’s foals,


The AQHA Market- Indian Artbeat’s foals are eligible for AQHA Incentive Fund, Plus many State Futurities and NSBA. Big, dark, good moving and trainable, with his strong pedigree he should pass these qualities on to his get helping them excel in the AQHA show ring.

Color Horse Markets.  Colored foals (APHA, ApHA, Buckskin and Pinto are eligible for their breed registries and AWR.  Colored or not they can show in color classes in major futurities plus be registered in AWR.

The American Warmblood Registry conducts annual inspections for grading and (optional) branding the horses it registers.  Each horse is compared against the breed ideal.  The horse is inspected in-hand for conformation, at liberty for movement and tested at their designated performance (dressage or hunters/jumpers or driving or all around), if old enough.  Stallions are  issued a breeding license only if they meet certain criteria as judged by the inspection process.  No Stallion is issued a license without earning a First Premium Rating.  It is considered that the stallion must be able to improve the breed in order to pass on his genes. His foals are inspected to insure he is improving the foals over the mare’s qualities.  All foals are registerable in AWR and will be awarded a score at inspection.  

APHA and ApHC Approved stallion --  AQHA Incentive Fund- Paint Breeders Trust

   2008: Wisconsin, IL, Minn, Iowa, NY Quarter Horse futurities  & Wisc & Indiana Paint horse Futurities

2009: Wisconsin, IL, Mich, Minn, Iowa Quarter Horse futurities  & Wisc, IL, Indiana, Iowa Paint horse Futurities

International Hunter futurity. Will be eligible for NSBA as two’s (which will be in 2010).

Color, AQHA and Other breed Warmblood foals have the added value of being able to be registered in the AMERICAN WARMBLOOD REGISTRY (AWR) adding salability and value to his foals. Warmblood Registered horses generally sell at a much higher price than horses that are only registered as TB and AQHA when marketed in these disciplines.  Their owners can compete for awards awarded by the AWR. The Sport Horse Markets are Hunters (show and field), Jumpers, Dressage, Combined Driving and Eventing.

Reasons for choosing Indian Artbeat to sire your next foal...

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